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myAudi: Your account management cockpit

Access and manage all-things-Audi in one personalized digital experience. All you need is your VIN to view your service schedule, select your preferred dealer, and more.
When you link your Audi Financial Services account, you can:

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Leasing? View your timeline.

Keep these important action items in mind—and on your calendar.

  • 6 months remaining: Explore your lease transition options. Maybe take a test drive.
  • 3 months remaining: Assess your wear and use. If you haven’t yet, browse the latest inventory.
  • 45 days remaining: Schedule your complimentary inspection. Arrange to turn in your vehicle, if applicable.
  • 30 days remaining: Make your final payment.
  • 0 days remaining: Turn in or purchase your vehicle.

To learn more about the lease transition process, view your lease transition options by clicking the button below. If you need further assistance, send Audi Financial Services a secure message on myAudi via the Help Center.

View lease transition options
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Thinking about a new Audi?

You could benefit by trading in your vehicle. Why should you trade in your vehicle?

  • With the knowledge of your vehicle’s trade-in value, you can feel confident at the dealership. No need to go through the hassle of selling your vehicle privately.
  • A newer model can mean more features, better performance, and a higher resale value.
  • When you trade in your vehicle, you can potentially put down a larger down payment.
  • Calculate your trade-in.

You also have the opportunity to pay off your vehicle anytime during your contract with us. Log in to myAudi to get a payoff quote.

Ready to get in a new vehicle? Apply now.

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