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Audi TT RS Heritage Edition group lineup.

The Audi TT

All about the original Audi design icon.

The 1st generation.

Introduced to the US in 2000, the original TT—named after the Tourist Trophy, a famed Isle of Man motorcycle race—captivated the automotive world with its iconic Bauhaus-inspired design and impressive handling.

Side view of a red Audi TT Coupe parked on the road.

Radical exterior design. Deriving its aesthetics from strict geometry, the 1st-generation TT flaunts an unmistakable profile with its rounded curves, sloped back, and seamlessly integrated bumpers.

The 2nd generation.

The 2nd-generation TT underwent an evolutionary styling transformation, which was accompanied by the introduction of the even more powerful Audi TTS and Audi TT RS models.

A silver Audi TT Coupe parked looking over a mountainous field.

New wave design. The 2nd-generation TT has several noticeable design enhancements. Key differences from its predecessor include wavelike lines and creases as well as the incorporation of the now-iconic Singleframe grille.

The 3rd generation.

Now a modern classic, the 3rd-generation TT continues to impress, showcasing a sharper and more aggressive design. Plus, advanced technology upgrades in the interior increase the driver-centric feel.

Side view of a red Audi TT Coupe parked in front of a grassy hill.

Beauty and brawn. The 3rd-generation TT boasts a more muscular design, with sharper angles, a more aggressive front grille, and shorter overhangs. Along with these changes, the car still retains its distinct sloping roofline that complements its aerodynamic profile.