Discover what’s possible with Audi connect®

Networking can get you places.

Your guide, your contacts and calendar. The Audi connect®1 features available in the Connect CARE2, PRIME3 and PLUS4 packages can help you find out the who, what, where, when and how, keeping your passengers entertained along the way.

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Connect CARE®

Designed for emergency situations, the CARE2 package is your link to roadside assistance5 and several other helpful features.

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Connect PRIME®

Featuring services such as Amazon Alexa™6, Google Earth™7 and traffic information, PRIME3 can help you make well-informed decisions.

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Connect PLUS®

Turn your Audi into a Wi-Fi® hotspot8 with PLUS4, and help keep the music flowing with Amazon Music®9,10 and online radio.

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CARE. From day one.

If you need to make an SOS call11 or request roadside assistance5, Audi connect® CARE2 can help. Similar services by other manufacturers often require a paid subscription, while the features and services in CARE are available from the day you purchase or lease your new Audi at no additional cost.

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Connect® CARE key features

Remote lock/unlock

Through the myAudi app12 on your compatible smartphone, you can lock or unlock your vehicle from a remote location13.

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Car finder

Don’t remember where you parked? Simply open the Car finder13 feature in the myAudi app12 to see where your vehicle was last parked.

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Emergency assistance

Peace of mind comes with an SOS feature to help you make emergency calls5. CARE can also help law enforcement authorities in locating your stolen vehicle16.

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Connect® CARE for e-tron®

The Audi e-tron® electric vehicle offers a unique set of Audi connect® CARE2 features designed specifically to help e-tron owners with charging and trip planning.

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In-vehicle trip planning

After entering a route, the in-vehicle trip planner can show Audi e-tron owners where charging stations are located along the route and the estimated charging time required to reach the final destination.

Stationary climate control

Audi e-tron owners can pre-program their vehicles to activate the climate control system from a remote location. They can cool the interior or warm it up before entering the vehicle.

Remote charging

Through the myAudi app12, Audi e-tron owners can remotely check the battery and estimated range status, start the charging process, program the charge timer, and view the charge and consumption statistics.

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European model shown. Specifications may change.

European model shown. Specifications may change.

European model shown. Specifications may change.

European model shown. Specifications may change.

European model shown. Specifications may change.

European model shown. Specifications may change.

PRIME time.

A complimentary six-month subscription to Audi connect® PRIME3 and PLUS4 with your new Audi purchase allows you to experience how these array of features offers an elevated level of connectivity and infotainment. After the free trial period expires17, you can choose to subscribe to a package or packages that suit you.

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Connect® PRIME key features

Google Earth™

Drop a pin, zoom in or out, change the viewing angle. PRIME3 offers subscription features such as Google Earth™7 mapping service to help you get to know your surroundings.

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Natural voice recognition

We refined our voice recognition system to allow you to interact with your Audi the same way you would speak in conversation. For example, you can say “Lower the temperature to 65 degrees” to help you stay comfortable.

Amazon Alexa™

Manage your life on the go with Amazon Alexa™6. Control your Alexa-enabled devices, play your favorite songs and much more just by using your voice.

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PLUS. Positive signals.

Audi connect® PLUS4 offers your choice of a Wi-Fi® data plan that can help turn your Audi into a Wi-Fi® hotspot8. PLUS also offers Internet radio and a million-plus songs from the Amazon Music®9,10 library.

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Engage with Audi connect®

Integration has come full circle.

myAudi app

Before you download the myAudi app12, make sure you are set up as the Key User, which your dealership can assist you with. Then go to the App Store or Google Play™ store or click on the link below to download the myAudi app. After you have created a myAudi account, you and your phone can be integrated into the world of Audi connect®1.

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Download the myAudi app

Download on the App Store Get on Google Play

See what your Audi can do.

The Audi owner’s portal is where you can find out which infotainment system your Audi is equipped with and, therefore, which Audi connect®1 services and features are available to you. Click on the link below to log onto the owner’s portal page with your Key User information to learn about the specifications and capabilities of your Audi vehicle.

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Tailored-to-fit service packages for less than $28 a month.

Audi connect®1 offers the services of Audi connect® CARE2 as well as available Audi connect® PRIME3 and Audi connect® PLUS4 packages. Take a look at the features below to see how each package is designed to enhance your Audi ownership experience.

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Connect CARE2

Included with purchase

Remote services.

  • Remote lock/unlock
  • Vehicle status report13,18
  • Audi service request19

Support for emergencies

  • Car finder12
  • SOS call11,15
  • Stolen vehicle locator16
  • Online roadside assistance5

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Connect PRIME3

$199 for 6 months

$499 for 18 months

Infotainment on the go.

  • Google Earth™7
  • Traffic information20
  • Traffic light information
  • myAudi Destinations
  • Natural voice recognition
  • Amazon Alexa™6
  • Parking information21

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Connect PLUS4

Mobile data share: $10 per month

Unlimited data: $25 per month

Streams of connectivity.

  • Wi-Fi® data plans22,23
  • Online radio

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