A message to our owners

Certain Audi vehicles have been affected by the recent recall of Takata airbags. The trust and safety of our customers and the public is our most important asset and we ask for your patience as we address this complicated issue.

Please use the link below to determine if your vehicle is affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

To verify whether your vehicle is impacted by this recall, enter your 17-character VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) using the VIN search tool available on http://web.audiusa.com/recall/ or http://www.safercar.gov

Your VIN can be located on the lower left corner of your vehicle’s windshield, on your vehicle’s registration card, or it may also be shown on your insurance card.

Overseas military personnel will receive notices like U.S. customers, and be similarly directed when to schedule the remedy service with their authorized Audi dealer.

Yes. Vehicles will not be able to be imported/exported until all recall repairs are complete.

Audi is not repurchasing vehicles based on the Takata recall. 

There are no plans for a goodwill package.

Due to the scope and nature of this recall, and because parts supply information is not yet available, it is too early to say what the parts allocation will be once the recall repair becomes available. Because the NHTSA will have oversight regarding the repair schedule for vehicles affected by this recall, parts allocation will be managed as per the agency requirements. 

Contact your dealer to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Once diagnosed, dealers may be able to provide detail on the parts used for the repair.

These recalls only affect the driver and passenger frontal airbags; other airbags in your vehicle are not affected by these recalls.

Audi was identified as part of the recalls as soon as a determination of safety defect or noncompliance was made.  

Yes. Safety recalls are recognized only when performed at an authorized Audi dealership.

At this time, Audi is only able to confirm / identify airbags in affected vehicles that are specified for replacement under the recall.

Airbags in your vehicle not affected by a recall are not eligible for replacement.

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