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Service & Parts

To schedule your service, visit your local dealer website.

Keep your Audi performing like an Audi.

Quality service starts with our factory-trained Audi technicians who use the latest diagnostic equipment and Genuine Audi Parts to keep your vehicle in-tune. Learn more about your maintenance schedule, warranties, and owner’s manual below. You’ll also find the many ways we are here for you, including Roadside Assistance and remote service appointments.

View of the Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection.

No one knows your Audi better.

Each time you bring in your Audi for service, we offer a Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection which includes a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle. Your Service Consultant will review an inspection checklist with you to help you understand the condition of your Audi—no matter how long you've had your vehicle. Our dealers are committed to providing the experience and care you expect, including:

  • Factory-trained technicians who use Audi-specific tools and Audi Genuine Parts
  • Complimentary vehicle wash with service*
  • Loaner vehicle or alternate transportation*

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View of the Audi A6 with roof rack.

Audi built. Audi parts.

Our factory-trained technicians know your Audi best, working only with Audi-specific tools to install Audi Genuine Parts. Technicians strictly follow factory protocols and standards to ensure your Audi is at its peak performance. Audi Genuine Parts are:

  • Designed by Audi engineers and inspired by our historic Motorsport technology
  • Manufactured by authorized suppliers
  • Tested to meet performance criteria
  • Backed by an Audi Limited Warranty*

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Audi at Your Door

Shop remotely, test-drive, and have service pickup and deliver your vehicle (at participating dealers).

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Service Plans

Audi Care:
Save on prepaid scheduled maintenance*

Term Protection:
Get coverage for virtually any mechanical failure.

Here when you need us.

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    myAudi is your portal to the Audi experience.

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    Be prepared in the event of a collision.

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    Roadside assistance

    Around-the-clock service, no matter where you are.

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    Experience the peace of mind that comes with an Audi warranty.

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Keep your car in top form.

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    Owner's Manuals

    View online Owner's Manuals for 2008 and newer vehicles.

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    Ready for new tires? See why Audi Original Tires are the right choice for your vehicle.

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    Recalls and service campaigns

    Look up recall and campaign information over the past 15 years.

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    Discover Audi Genuine Accessories to fit your lifestyle.

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An Audi technician inspecting a vehicle.

Audi maintenance schedules and owner’s literature

As an Audi owner, you deserve to know what it takes to help maintain your car’s exceptionally engineered performance—and our maintenance tool was designed to do just that. Simply input your vehicle’s VIN or Model Year, Model, and trim level for a convenient way to see the maintenance schedule and owner’s literature for your car. You can also enter your mileage for more specific maintenance recommendations.

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Frequently asked questions

How do customers pay for their Audi Care New Vehicle Plan?
If the customer purchases the plan at the time of vehicle purchase, they may have the option to roll the cost of the plan into their vehicle financing.

If they don't roll the cost into their vehicle financing, customers must pay the full amount when they purchase the Audi Care plan.
Can a customer receive a refund for the unused portion of the plan if they terminate their lease agreement early or if the lease term is less than the coverage period?
No. The Audi Care new vehicle scheduled maintenance plan cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable.* No refunds will be given if the lease is terminated early or if the lease term is less than the coverage period.

See your Audi dealer or vehicle maintenance booklet for details.

*Applicable in all states except California. By California state law, customers must submit their refund request in writing, including their name, address, VIN# and dealer name to:

Audi Customer Experience Audi Care Plan

3800 Hamlin Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
The "Passenger Side Airbag Off" light is on — what does it mean?
For information related to the "Passenger Side Airbag Off", please review the Owner's Manual for your vehicle.*

*Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age.
Are Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) impacted by weather changes?
Tire pressure can be impacted by temperature changes and inclement weather; therefore, the tire pressure monitoring system results could also be affected.

(Please review your Owner's Manual for instructions on checking your vehicle's tire pressure and for more information on your vehicle's TPMS.)
When will the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) provide me with a warning?
The tire pressure indicator in the instrument cluster helps inform you if the tire pressure is too low, if there is a system malfunction, or the TPMS was not reset correctly. If the pressure decreases in one or more tires, this is indicated in the instrument cluster with an indicator light.

(Please review your Owner's Manual for instructions on checking your vehicle's tire pressure or for more information on the TPMS indicator lights.)
Where can I find information about AdBlue® diesel exhaust fluid?

Audi customer support

If you have any questions that require additional support, please contact us.

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Product safety information

Find important information on Audi Car Care products.

Cleaner ingredient information


Safety is a top priority for us. Find out if there is important information on your Audi that you should know.
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