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Driver Assistance features with Audi pre sense® systems.

Driver Assistance

On our radar, off your nerves

European model shown.

Audi pre sense® systems

Audi advanced Driver Assistance systems

Our rhythm for regular irregularities.

Something as routine as a sneeze can be detrimental when traveling down the road at any speed. That is why we we offer available Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Not for lack of your abilities, but to help fill in the gaps when anomalies occur.

European model shown.

Audi adaptive cruise assist

Adaptive cruise control with stop & go helps accelerate, brake and maintain speed and distance. Adaptive cruise assist uses radar, camera, laser scanner, and ultrasonic sensors to continuously monitor the environment and help assist with highway driving.

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Dramatization. European model shown.

Active lane assist

Things happen. We get it. Active lane assist can provide steering guidance to help the driver keep the vehicle in the lane. Detecting lane markings, roadside structures and vehicles in adjacent lanes allows the system to make a virtual driving path to help guide the vehicle.

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Dramatization. European model shown.
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    Night vision assistant

    This available night vision assistant uses a long-range infrared camera and can react to the thermal energy given off by objects. Converted to black and white images, the information can be viewed in the instrument cluster or Audi virtual cockpit.

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    Parking system plus

    Nothing is worse than avoidable contact. When the available parking system plus detects an object in the path of your vehicle, a visual warning appears in the MMI® display, with an audible warning via a series of beeps alerting you as objects get closer.

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    Audi side assist

    Blind spots can be dangerous. With the available Audi side assist, two rear-mounted radar sensors constantly scan and track vehicles approaching from the rear. If the system detects a vehicle has moved into the blind spot, a warning light illuminates on the exterior mirror housing.

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