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Full-speed Wi-Fi

Work or play from your Audi with full-speed 4G LTE connection for up to 8 devices at once. With unlimited data, you and your passengers can stream shows, play games, and check social media as easily as you can at home.

Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. The Wi-Fi hotspot feature is intended for passenger use only. 4G LTE coverage is not available in all areas. Wifi feature is provided through Connect PLUS. Connect PLUS features and technologies are optional, may require an additional subscription with separate terms and conditions, and should be used only when it is safe and appropriate. See materials provided by wireless carrier for terms, privacy, data security details. Returning devices connect automatically and use plan data unless hotspot is removed from device settings.

Additional features

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    Navigation services

    • Satellite Map Imagery
    • Traffic Information
    • Parking Information ¹⁸
    • Fuel Prices ¹⁹
    • Connected Charging Station Location ¹⁶
    • myAudi Trip Planner — Plan a trip on your myAudi app and sync it to your vehicle.
    • Connected POIs — Google nearby points of interests.
    • Traffic Light Information — Know what speed to drive to hit the most green lights. ²⁶
    • Predictive Route Guidance — Get route suggestions for commonly taken trips.
    • Advanced 3D City View — See 3D renders of your surroundings to help identify your destination.
    • Point of interest search — Find nearby gas stations, restaurants, and more.
    • myAudi Destinations — Import destinations to your vehicle from your phone.

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    Infotainment services

    ● Online News ²²
    ● Weather
    ● Amazon Music ²⁰
    ● Apple Music ²¹
    ● Amazon Alexa ⁸
    ● Online Radio
    ● Online Media Streaming
    ● Personalization — Store personal settings in the cloud and never have to reconfigure your Audi again.
    ● Natural Voice Recognition – Give voice commands in your natural speaking voice.

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    Remote services

    ● Geofencing – Get notified when your Audi leaves your set boundaries. ²³
    ● Valet Alert – Set geofences when valeting your Audi. ²⁴
    ● Speed/Curfew Alert – Set speed and time limits for your Audi. ²⁵

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Audi connect PRIME

Don’t need full-speed Wi-Fi? Opt for Audi connect PRIME with basic Wi-Fi.

See the full list of Audi connect PRIME services