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Additional features

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    Safety services

    ● Stolen Vehicle Locator – Have an Audi-designated representative work with the police to recover your vehicle. ¹¹
    ● Online Roadside Assistance – Get help with flat tires, fuel delivery, and more. ¹²
    ● Audi Service Request – Schedule services from your smartphone. ¹³
    ● Map Update – Keeps maps up to date for accurate navigation. ¹⁴

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    Remote services

    ● Car Finder – Locate your Audi remotely. ¹⁵

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    EV services

    ● Charging Location Finder – Find nearby charging stations. ¹⁶
    ● Remote Charging – Monitor charging on your smartphone. ¹⁷
    ● Driving Data – View driving data and insights on your smartphone.

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Audi connect PRIME

Enjoy additional navigation and entertainment features for an inspiring ride.

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Audi connect PLUS

Enjoy all of the features of Audi connect PRIME and turn your Audi into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. Connect CARE services are provided with the support of authorized affiliated and third party service providers. Not available on R8 or TT. Connect CARE services are activated prior to purchase or lease and do not require registration or paid subscription. Connect CARE services require vehicle cellular connectivity and availability of vehicle GPS signal; certain services collect location information, see Terms of Service for information about how to disable. Audi Connect services, including Connect CARE are subject to technologies remaining commercially available, such services are not guaranteed, and may not be available after December 2021. See Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other details at and Connect CARE services should only be used when it is safe and appropriate.