Audi collaborates with Black Automotive Media Group to offer internship and guest lecture series at Lincoln University

Introducing “The Driving Force”.

Published on: 02/23/21
When we empower diverse talent, we help build a better workplace and a better world where everyone can thrive. Teaming up with the Black Automotive Media Group, a distinguished group of Black reporters and writers in automotive journalism, Audi launched “The Driving Force,” a new internship program and guest lecture series for students of color.
The program provides an introduction into the global automotive industry, career development, and opportunities for students studying mass communications at Lincoln University, the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and University. The internship was awarded to 10 students who took part in a 10-week virtual, field-credit experience that included training and mentoring sessions focused on automotive journalism. It was led by respected media experts with the help of guest lecturers from Audi’s product planning and marketing teams who brought a real-world perspective from the automotive industry. Students learned about careers within the field, practiced vehicle review writing, and had the chance to network with industry executives and automotive subject matter experts.
“At Audi, we recognize that people of diverse backgrounds, including people of color, are underrepresented and undervalued within the automotive industry. That is why we’ve chosen to collaborate with the Black Automotive Media Group and Lincoln University to sponsor an internship program that will help introduce students of color to the exciting world of auto journalism,” says Tara Rush, Chief Marketing Officer of Audi of America. “We believe that embracing diverse and unique perspectives is the key to discovering new and innovative solutions within the automotive industry and beyond.”

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