Audi of America Driving Progress

When it comes to what we value as a company, there are no shortcuts. To effectively Drive Progress, we understand the need to embrace the powerful dynamics that result from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

At the heart of our efforts to ensure that Audi is a rewarding place for women to work is PALs (Professional Audi Ladies), which was formed in June 2014. Working closely with senior executives and human resources, this Employee Resource Group has been a catalyst in cultivating a culture that allows everyone to flourish. The group’s efforts over the past year have concentrated on shifting PALs focus on networking to becoming a strategic partner that’s helping to deliver real change across Audi of America.

As a result of its effective collaboration, PALs is spearheading change that will benefit everyone in the organization through mentoring programs for women, and robust enhancements to our career development approach.

We’ve pledged to aggressively increase the number of women in our workforce, at all levels. To assist in building-out our recruitment pipeline, we’re posting every open position at Audi of America on the Women in Automotive (WIA) website. WIA is a leading national organization committed to empowering and developing women in the auto industry.
And, through event sponsorships with the Washington Women’s Leadership Initiative (WWLI), we’re helping to spread the word about career opportunities at Audi of America among professional women in the Metro DC area. We believe support of WWLI will also provide women at Audi with access to important networking events and perhaps even some speaking opportunities.

Each step we’re taking helps create a diverse workplace that supports professional growth and fosters the retention and promotion of women at Audi of America. Our journey is underway, and we’re excited to be building a powerful community committed to collaboration, growth and change.