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Audi is known for its exacting standards, relentless performance and uncompromising quality. Although you may associate those qualities with our brand, these characteristics also describe our employees. Everything we've accomplished and everything we've come to stand for has been a direct result of people who work here. If you can imagine yourself a part of our team, we invite you to learn more.

Audi careers and programs

Inspiring Innovation in Others

Our desire to Drive Progress extends to inspiring the next generation of female leaders, and encouraging them to be bold and fearless in achieving their goals. Through our involvement with four organizations, Audi hopes to deliver meaningful opportunities in art and film, improve access to STEM education, and recognize women philanthropists who are tackling difficult social issues.

As a proud sponsor of the Forbes Women’s Summit, Audi can support some of the world’s most inspiring and influential women in business, technology, and science. During the Forbes Women’s Summit, Audi of America and the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, identify a real-world problem to be solved by a team of STEM students during the Forbes Idea Incubator held later in the year. Teams are eligible to receive the Audi Drive Progress Grant to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

The Audi of America DRIVE: Like a Girl program, in partnership with STEM for Her, is a STEM competition where each high school team addresses a brief aimed at the automotive industry’s migration towards a more digital world. Audi Mentors meet with their respective student team for weekly after-school workshops to select their topic, conduct research, and design their proposals and presentations. Teams then present their final proposal to their family, faculty, the other students, Audi employees, and STEM for Her members at a virtual competition, judged by a panel of Audi employees and STEM for Her representatives.

Over the past 17 years, Audi has collaborated with the American Film Institute (AFI) to support female directors pursue their passion for film. In 2016, Audi launched the Audi Fellowship for Women a grant program covering the cost of attending 2 years at the AFI Conservatory—the nation’s top film school. In addition to inspiring filmmakers, Audi supports young chefs and restaurateurs through the Women’s Chef Program in partnership with Lindsey Ofcacek, Chef Edward Lee, and The LEE Initiative. This program provides 20 fellows the opportunity to learn and network with successful chefs who teach them the culinary skills they need to navigate the industry.

Each of these partnerships focuses on putting women in the driver’s seat with the necessary skills they need to pursue their passions and empower them to build a better future.

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Equal Pay Pledge

Audi of America is proud to sign the Equal Pay Pledge. Not only does it reflect the core values we hold of progress and equality for all, but it also requires that we challenge ourselves, and others, to push the status quo and be better for this generation and those to come. Together, we will drive progress.

Audi has always championed the pursuit of technological progress. You see it in the development of every vehicle we produce. This unrelenting commitment to innovate also motivates us to stand for those things that truly matter. Progressiveness, and advocating for change, underpins our culture and makes up our brand DNA. We are proud of the work environment we’ve created to drive equality for all of our employees.

We fundamentally believe that people doing the same job should be treated equitably. We pledge to expand our review process around pay equity to ensure that no unfair pay gaps exist within our organization and that all employees, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, etc., are paid equitably for the work they do. We will close any gaps identified and we pledge to keep them closed by conducting annual equity reviews, and sharing the results at the senior most level in our organization. In addition, we pledge to put aggressive hiring and development strategies in place to increase the number of women and minority appointments in our workforce, at all levels. Today, women comprise 23 percent of our workforce. Our corporate goal is to have an equal workforce, 50%/50% by 2025.

This pledge underscores our ongoing commitment to women’s equality in the workplace. Respecting and rewarding all of our colleagues fairly and equally will allow us to travel fearlessly forward down this road faster than any of our vehicles ever could.

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Inclusion and Diversity

Every day, we strive to be better than we are today. We recognize that people of diverse backgrounds — including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals and beyond — are under-represented and under-valued within the automotive industry. At Audi of America, we are challenging the norms and challenging ourselves. There’s never been a more exciting or transformative time in automotive. We believe the best ideas—the ideas that will define our future—will come from new ways of thinking. We believe everyone should have a voice. We believe in equality. We believe that “we” includes all of us. For these reasons, we strive to create a workplace where diverse ideas are embraced, where people can be themselves and where everyone comes together to create amazing customer experiences, drive sustainability and reinvent mobility.

We are committed to this change. And we’re just getting started.

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