Car Shampoo 16oz
Part #: 128004
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Chemical Name C.A.S. No. Role/Functional Purpose List of Chemicals of Concern/Designated List Nanoscale Materials
water 7732-18-5 Carrier None N/A
(C10-16)alkylbenzenesulfonic acid 68584-22-5 Cleaning agent None N/A
cocamidopropyldimethylamine oxide 68155-09-9 Foam Booster None N/A
sodium hydroxide 1310-73-2 pH Adjuster CA Non-Cancer Hazards N/A
benzene, mono-C10-13-alkyl derivatives 129813-58-7 Cleaning agent None N/A
sulfuric acid 7664-93-9 Cleaning agent IARC Carcinogens, Acid aerosols including mists, vapors, gas, fog, and other airborne forms of any particle size, US EPA PBTs, CA Non-Cancer Hazards N/A
1,2-benzisothiazoline-3-one 2634-33-5 Preservative None N/A
2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one 2682-20-4 Preservative None N/A