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Audi could offer you an ordinary career — the trouble is we only deal in the extraordinary. These are exciting times to be a part of the Audi team.

We could offer you an ordinary career; the trouble is we only deal in the extraordinary. At Audi we have a passion for delightful moments — whether that means delighting our customers each time they encounter our brand or delighting motor enthusiasts with our engineering prowess and leading-edge technologies. Each day we aim to delight our employees and dealer partners with a culture tightly focused on innovation and fundamentally sound business goals.

We pride ourselves on the smart, energetic, and enthusiastic people we have working at Audi. Our employees revel in thinking creatively and are encouraged to take initiative, solve problems and improve ways of working each day.

With offices in Virginia, Michigan and field offices across the nation, Audi offers a wide range of opportunities in many disciplines:

  • Business
  • Sales and After Sales Operations
  • Engineering
  • Marketing, Communication and PR
  • Finance and Accounting
  • General Administration
  • Human Resources

Do you want to help create Audi fans at one of our dealership locations? Audi has opportunities at the retail level for candidates who are passionate about the Audi brand and motivated to craft moments that turn Audi customers into Audi fans. Applications will be accepted for the following job roles:

  • Service
  • Parts

Applying for Opportunities

Since Audi is always looking for great candidates who inspire customer delight, we accept applications at all times. When you submit your application for a specific position, it’s possible the dealer does not currently have an opening for that role. However, your application will be maintained in our candidate pool and reviewed when an open position becomes available.

After clicking on the link below to search for career opportunities at a specific dealer location, you will be asked to complete a profile and upload your resume. If a position is not currently available registering will allow us to notify you once a position becomes available.

AEP (Audi Education Partnership)

Do you have an interest in becoming an Audi Technician? Audi has partnered with accredited schools in your area to prepare you for a career as an Audi certified technician.

Please visit aep.audiusa.com for more information.

Do you have a passion for Audi? Do you have a desire to be part of a company known for superior engineering, progressive styling, and innovative technology? Then consider becoming a part of the exclusive group of recent college graduates at Audi of America.

The Graduate Program is a two-year rotational program designed for recent graduates with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with a strong interest in automotive industry careers. Selected individuals will rotate through several different functions within the organization while being exposed to entry-level responsibilities. Upon successful completion of the program that includes training, mentoring, networking, and exposure to all levels within the organization, graduates have an enhanced opportunity in being hired into a full-time position that aligns with business needs and personal career interest.

To learn more, please click the link below. 

Are you interested in an internship with the Audi brand? At Audi of America, internships are offered on an ad hoc basis as department business and projects require. An internship at Audi provides students supervised practical work experience in their academic field of study, while offering an excellent opportunity for on-the-job training.

When applying for an internship, you may upload your application and resume to any specific internship opening that matches your skills and future career goals. Continue to check back for recently added internship postings.

When it comes to what we value as a company, there are no shortcuts. To effectively Drive Progress, we understand the need to embrace the powerful dynamics that result from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

At the heart of our efforts to ensure that Audi is a rewarding place for women to work is PALs (Professional Audi Ladies), which was formed in June 2014. Working closely with senior executives and human resources, this Employee Resource Group has been a catalyst in cultivating a culture that allows everyone to flourish. The group’s efforts over the past year have concentrated on shifting PALs focus on networking to becoming a strategic partner that’s helping to deliver real change across Audi of America.

As a result of its effective collaboration, PALs is spearheading change that will benefit everyone in the organization through mentoring programs for women, and robust enhancements to our career development approach.

We’ve pledged to aggressively increase the number of women in our workforce, at all levels. To assist in building-out our recruitment pipeline, we’re posting every open position at Audi of America on the Women in Automotive (WIA) website. WIA is a leading national organization committed to empowering and developing women in the auto industry.

And, through event sponsorships with the Washington Women’s Leadership Initiative (WWLI), we’re helping to spread the word about career opportunities at Audi of America among professional women in the Metro DC area. We believe support of WWLI will also provide women at Audi with access to important networking events and perhaps even some speaking opportunities.

Each step we’re taking helps create a diverse workplace that supports professional growth and fosters the retention and promotion of women at Audi of America. Our journey is underway, and we’re excited to be building a powerful community committed to collaboration, growth and change. 

It’s a fast-paced worldAs you’d expect from Audi

Audi is known for its exacting standards, relentless performance and uncompromising quality. Although you may associate those qualities with our brand, these characteristics also describe our employees. Everything we've accomplished and everything we've come to stand for has been a direct result of people who work here. If you can imagine yourself a part of our team, we invite you to learn more.


Employee profiles on Audi Soul

Audi Soul compiles interesting stories about our company, products and people – the stories that happen "behind the news." There's so much more to Audi than the news you read in a press release. With this online publication, you’ll get a better understanding of our mission and our people.

When it comes to our people, life at Audi is just as much about cars as it is about those who see the job through. From the C-suite to product managers to the customer experience team and more, in Audi Soul’s re-occurring employee profile series, "Inside Audi of America," get to know the people behind the metal.


Inspiring Innovation in Others

Our desire to Drive Progress is not solely focused on efforts to promote opportunities for women across our company. We are also committed to inspiring the next generation of female leaders to be bold and fearless in achieving their vision for the future. We are proud of our involvement with other organizations to help deliver meaningful opportunities in art and film, improve access to STEM education and recognize women philanthropists who are tackling difficult social issues.

For more than 14 years, Audi has collaborated with the American Film Institute (AFI) as the official automotive sponsor of AFI FEST. In 2016, we took our support to a new level by announcing the creation of an Audi Fellowship for women working to become master filmmakers.

This program provides one promising female director with a $115,000 grant to cover the costs of attending the AFI Conservatory—one of the most respected filmmaker training programs in the world. We look forward to nurturing the next generation of female storytellers through this support for a student with exceptional talent, passion, and drive.

Through our sponsorship of the Forbes Women’s Summit, we connect the Audi brand with some of the world’s most inspiring and influential women. More than 300 of the world’s top female innovators, business and thought leaders come together to transform ideas into actions to create sustainable change.

During the Summit, Audi of America will provide attendees with the chance to identify a real world problem to be solved by a team of  STEM students  at an incubator event held later in the year. Teams will be eligible to receive an Audi Drive Progress Grant to pursue STEM education.

As Premiere Sponsors of the Variety Power of Women event, we’re helping to share the stories of Hollywood leading ladies who lend their talent and their voice to help deliver social change. These honorees are among the most recognized faces in the entertainment industry who have also achieved a level of distinction for their humanitarian efforts.

When it comes to progress, it’s not enough to be along for the ride. Through our collaboration with these, and other, organizations, we’re putting women in the driver’s seat and empowering them to build a better future.


Equal Pay Pledge

Audi of America is proud to sign the Equal Pay Pledge. Not only does it reflect the core values we hold of progress and equality for all, but it also requires that we challenge ourselves, and others, to push the status quo and be better for this generation and those to come. Together, we will drive progress.

Audi has always championed the pursuit of technological progress. You see it in the development of every vehicle we produce. This unrelenting commitment to innovate also motivates us to stand for those things that truly matter. Progressiveness, and advocating for change, underpins our culture and makes up our brand DNA. We are proud of the work environment we’ve created to drive equality for all of our employees. This year, we extended our maternity leave program and included back-to-work flexibility for working mothers, in addition to our existing dedicated lactation rooms. Two years ago, we established a professional woman’s Employee Resource Group, and their input continues to help us improve.

We fundamentally believe that people doing the same job should be treated equitably. We pledge to expand our review process around pay equity to ensure that no unfair pay gaps exist within our organization and that all employees, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, etc., are paid equitably for the work they do. We will close any gaps identified and we pledge to keep them closed by conducting annual equity reviews, and sharing the results at the senior most level in our organization. In addition, we pledge to put aggressive hiring and development strategies in place to increase the number of women in our workforce, at all levels. Today, women comprise 22 percent of our workforce, and while that’s slightly below the U.S. Automotive Industry average of 27 percent, we aim to exceed the industry average.  

This pledge underscores our ongoing commitment to women’s equality in the workplace. Respecting and rewarding all of our colleagues fairly and equally will allow us to travel fearlessly forward down this road faster than any of our vehicles ever could.


Inclusion and Diversity

Every day, we strive to be better than we are today. We recognize that people of diverse backgrounds — including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals and beyond — are under-represented and under-valued within the automotive industry. At Audi of America, we are challenging the norms and challenging ourselves. There’s never been a more exciting or transformative time in automotive. We believe the best ideas—the ideas that will define our future—will come from new ways of thinking. We believe everyone should have a voice. We believe in equality. We believe that “we” includes all of us. For these reasons, we strive to create a workplace where diverse ideas are embraced, where people can be themselves and where everyone comes together to create amazing customer experiences, drive sustainability and reinvent mobility.

We are committed to this change. And we’re just getting started.

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We are an organization full of people who are passionate about our stunning products all the while creating a wonderful place to work. We are looking for smart, energetic, and fast-paced professionals to join our team, who are motivated to take initiative, solve problems, and develop their talent and passion.

Magic moments

Hear our employees talk about why they love working for Audi of America. We promote a culture of inclusiveness and collaboration, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation.                                                                                              


Great Place to Work®

Audi of America’s workplace culture has been reviewed and certified by Great Place to Work® for two years in a row. Click the link below to see more and find out if you might be a fit. 

Candidate Experience Awards

Volkswagen Group of America and Audi of America have been recognized as members of the North American Candidate Experience Awards for meeting high standards of candidate experience excellence.