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Illuminated Audi exclusive door panels.

Audi exclusive:

A statement of identity, an expression of style

Audi drivers want something beyond special. Audi exclusive allows you to transform an already special vehicle into something truly personal. Stay individual. Stay exclusive.

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    Audi exclusive custom paint

    Choose from a portfolio of pre-approved paints available in a wide variety of colors to make a real statement of your identity.

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    Audi exclusive tailored upholstery

    Pushing the limits of craftsmanship, a portfolio of leather and stitching colors is available to allow an expression of style in factory ordered vehicles.

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    Special and limited editions

    To celebrate milestones in product development, unique design combinations are manufactured and introduced at special events.

Frequently asked questions

Get details on choosing an Audi exclusive limited edition model, finding exclusive line models that fit your taste, or ordering your own exclusive experience.
What is Audi exclusive?
Audi exclusive is the in house individualization program of factory orders. With portfolios of paints, leather and stitching colors’ to select from, Audi exclusive allows future Audi owners the opportunity to create their very own personal design. Use these leather and stitching color options to customize your seats, armrests, door trim, steering wheel and more to design a one of a kind vehicle to express your identity and make a statement far beyond the possibilities of a standard factory order.

Audi exclusive also supports limited and special edition vehicles. Some options on these vehicles may only be available with these editions.

The Audi exclusive program does not provide the ability to alter required vehicle features or modify optional package content. Visit your preferred Audi dealer for complete Audi exclusive details.
Which models are Audi exclusive option available?
Audi exclusive is available on selected models. Please visit your preferred Audi dealer to learn more about the available Audi exclusive options. They will have the most recent descriptions and pricing of options available.
How long will my Audi exclusive order take to arrive?
The Audi exclusive production process is quite special. Particular attention is paid to every detail of your tailor-made vehicle. Given this additional care provided to the intricacies of your order, Audi exclusive options add approximately 8 weeks to a standard factory build.
How do I order a vehicle?
Please work with your preferred Audi dealer to engage the ordering process of your next vehicle. Setting an appointment with a designated individual at the dealership prior to your visit will help ensure that your time is respected. Paint and leather samples are available at all Audi Sport locations.
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