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Protection Plans

Peace of mind comes with optional coverage

Audi Pure Protection helps you take care of your new Audi for years to come. Drive confident knowing that your vehicle is covered with a comprehensive suite of protection products.

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Service Plans

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    Vehicle Service Protection by Audi Pure Protection

    Add protection for your Audi vehicle. Even after leaving the dealership.

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    Term Protection

    Don't get worn down by everyday wear.

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    Certified Pre-Owned Service Protection

    Options, tailored for you.

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Damage & Wear

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    Lease-End Protection

    End your lease on the highest of notes.

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    Multi-Coverage Protection

    Peace of mind comes standard with optional coverage.

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    Tire & Wheel Protection

    Perpetuate your forward motion.

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Loss & Theft

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    Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

    Your best bet for a worst-case scenario.

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    Theft Protection

    Just like your Audi, this one's a keeper.

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    Key Protection

    Rarely lose a beat if you lose your keys.

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Audi Prestige Insurance

Custom auto and home insurance for Audi owners.

When you insure your Audi through Liberty Mutual Insurance, you could receive a discount on quality coverage tailored to you and your Audi. Call 1-888-765-5644 to learn more.