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About Matt Larson

Matt Larson loves surfing and has been working in the industry for 31 years. His experience in the field combined with his interest in sustainability led him to co-found Matuse, a premium wetsuit brand where he also serves as Chief Design Officer. Matuse created limestone-based Geoprene™ rubber for their wetsuits, which makes them durable, warm and light.

Larson says he’s inspired by “the connection that people develop with inanimate objects” and wants to see customers wear his suits not only because they work, but because they’re attached to them. “That’s a personal and environmental win.”

Discover Matt Larson's places that inspire in San Diego.

An outdoor, close-up photo of flowers in the Balboa Park Desert Garden at Zoo Place, San Diego.
Flowers inside Balboa Park.

Balboa Park Desert Garden

Zoo Place, San Diego, CA 92104

The Balboa Park Desert Garden features more than 1,300 plants. Established in 1976, the desert garden spans 2.5 acres and delights visitors with succulents and drought-resistant plants from around the world year-round.

Flowers inside Balboa Park.
An outdoor, wide-shot photo of Coast Walk Trail near the beach in La Jolla, California.
View of the ocean from the Coast Walk Trail.

Coast Walk Trail

7919 Prospect Place, La Jolla, CA 92037

Walk, run, and marvel at nature year-round along the 2.3 miles of the historic Coast Walk Trail. Located in La Jolla, the trail is a must-see for hikers of all skill levels. Volunteers keep the trail clean, remove overgrown vegetation, restore paths, and help protect the bluffs along the trail, which was given a historic designation in 1990. Visitors will enjoy the variety of flowers scattered along the trail, along with coastal wildlife such as seals and sea lions.

View of the ocean from the Coast Walk Trail.
An outdoor, mid-shot photo of Tiger Palafox—owner of Mission Hills Nursery in San Diego—standing outside the front of the nursery, surrounded by plants and flowers.
Tiger Palafox, Owner of Mission Hills Nursery.

Mission Hills Nursery

1525 Fort Stockton Drive, San Diego, CA 92103

Mission Hills Nursery is dedicated to being the go-to eco-friendly, organic gardening and landscape design center of San Diego. From seeds to trees, the Garden Center is committed to providing the highest quality organic gardening products available. As San Diego's oldest retail garden center, started in the early 1900's, the nursery has only been in 3 families and still today is family owned and operated.

Tiger Palafox, Owner of Mission Hills Nursery.
An outdoor, mid-shot photo of Crystal White—founder of the La Jolla-based bakery, Wayfarer Bread—standing outside the front of her business.
Crystal White, Founder of Wayfarer Bread.

Wayfarer Bread

5525 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037

Crystal White’s cozy shop, Wayfarer Bread, located seaside in La Jolla, is a small neighborhood bakery focused on selling naturally fermented breads directly to the community. Sourcing its produce, along with honey and fresh fruit, from local urban and traditional farmers, White focuses on quality over convenience, which includes hand making everything in small batches and using local farmers as much as possible.

Crystal White, Founder of Wayfarer Bread.


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