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Keys to San Diego

San Diego has miles of beautiful beaches and a climate that encourages year-round outdoor recreation. Preserving the natural beauty of the area is one of the main motivators for the community of locals, from designing environmentally-conscious apparel and accessories to contributing to the thriving surfing culture. Join our curators and eco-entrepreneurs as they share the local people and spaces that inspire their Keys to San Diego.

San Diego Curators

An outdoor, mid-shot photo of Danielle Black Lyons—co-founder of the San Diego-based business Textured Waves—leaning against the front of her Audi e-tron with a surfboard attached to its roof rails.

Danielle Black Lyons

Co-Founder of Textured Waves

Danielle Black Lyons co-founded Textured Waves to give more visibility to women of color in surfing and prove the sport is for everyone. She believes that being environmentally conscious and respectful to the planet is a human responsibility. Discover Danielle Black Lyons’ places that inspire in San Diego, including:

  • KindHumans
  • Sonora Refillery
  • The Plot
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An indoor, mid-shot photo of Emma Brooks—founder and designer of Pair Up, a San Diego-based sustainable clothing line—working in her design studio.

Emma Brooks

Founder and Designer of Pair Up

Emma Brooks is the founder of Pair Up, a small batch fashion line featuring basic items that are not only colorful, but also made with sustainability in mind. Pair Up is driven by a mission to create mindful art, not disposable waste, by helping to keep fabric out of landfills and doing away with mass production. Discover Emma Brooks’ places that inspire in San Diego, including:

  • Adobe by Jess Vargas
  • Shop Good
  • Thread Spun
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An outdoor, close-up photo of Jussi Oksanen—founder of Mizu, a San Diego-based reusable drinkware company—leaning against the front of his Audi e-tron.

Jussi Oksanen

Founder of Mizu

Jussi Oksanen founded Mizu, a reusable drinkware company, to help solve the single use plastic water bottle problem he saw as prevalent among athletes. Born in Finland, the former professional snowboarder relocated to San Diego, where he’s not only grown his company, but also grown his love of nature and the outdoors. Discover Jussi Oksanen’s places that inspire in San Diego, including:

  • Coastal Roots Farm
  • Swami’s Beach
  • Vuori Clothing
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An indoor, close-up photo of Matt Larson—co-founder and lead design officer of Matusea, a San Diego-based premium wetsuit brand—sitting at his desk in his design studio.

Matt Larson

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Matuse

Matt Larson is the co-founder of Matuse, a premium wetsuit brand that incorporates cultural and environmental awareness into everything they do. After more than 30 years surfing, Matt’s personal inspiration for starting Matuse was to make a difference, to contribute and to leave a mark to improve the industry in which he was raised. Discover Matt Larson’s places that inspire in San Diego, including:

  • Balboa Park Desert Garden
  • Coast Walk Trail
  • Mission Hills Nursery
  • Wayfarer Bread
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