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Diversity and Inclusion at Audi

Every day, we strive to be better than we are today. We recognize that people of diverse backgrounds — including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals and beyond — are underrepresented and undervalued within the automotive industry. At Audi of America, we are challenging the norms and challenging ourselves. There’s never been a more exciting or transformative time in the automotive industry. We believe the best ideas — the ideas that will define our future — will come from new ways of thinking. We believe everyone should have a voice. We believe in equality. We believe that “we” includes all of us. For these reasons, we strive to create a workplace where diverse ideas are embraced, where people can be themselves, and where everyone comes together to create amazing customer experiences, drive sustainability and reinvent mobility.

We are committed to this change. And we’re just getting started.

Our commitment to change


    Conduct training to create a culture where people can be themselves and diverse ideas are embraced; reinforce through ongoing engagement.


    Reexamining hiring practices to bring new people into the organization at all levels, across all areas; hold ourselves accountable with targets.


    Nurture our people and make room for all types of individuals; equalize satisfaction among diverse staff versus their peers.


    Forge new partnerships; ensure 50% diverse influencers, and ensure that talent is diverse in front of and behind the cameras. This includes spokespeople, directors, and content creators.

Charting a new path

To foster greater diversity at Audi of America, we need to look at where we are, and where we need to be. That's why we want to be transparent about how our employee representation currently breaks down across our organization, and what our goals are as we continue to grow.

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Driven by our diversity

MISSION: Build a company with diverse people, ideas and opinions to drive innovation, collaboration and brand affinity.

VISION: To become one of the most diverse and inclusive brands in the automotive industry by 2030.

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Hiring goals: Women

  • Goal: 2021

  • 30%

  • Now: 2022

  • 34%

  • Goal: 2025

  • 50%

Hiring goals: BIPOC

  • Goal: 2021

  • 25%

  • Now: 2022

  • 27%

  • Goal: 2025

  • 30%

Over the last two years, here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • Created our diversity and inclusion manifesto

    This statement, at the top of this page, is meant to act as a rallying cry for our team members and a reminder of our joint mission to transform our organization.

  • Engaged a consulting firm

    Brought in a level of expertise to help shore up our strategy and develop an extensive set of inclusive-culture training materials.

  • Formed the Audi Inclusion Council

    The 25-member council is overseeing the execution of the inclusion plan. Members span diverse locations, departments, seniority levels, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religions.

  • Spun-up sub councils

    These small working groups are collaborating to organize events, overhaul our job descriptions, establish diverse hiring committees, and track marketing activities to ensure they align with our inclusive values.

  • Kicked off inclusive-culture training

    Our executive team attended two inclusive leadership workshops in the first half of 2020. In late May, all people managers received a coaching guide to help them guide their teams through the company-wide training that starts in July. In 2021, we have installed a dedicated Senior Manager of Inclusion.

Sustaining Action

In 2020, we constructed a solid foundation, which will enable us to gain increasing maturity over time as a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace.

  • Continue to conduct inclusive-culture training

    In July 2020, all team members will start a series of self-paced training modules to learn how to contribute to a more inclusive culture. All people managers will receive supplemental live training later in the year to further transform the way we make decisions, listen to each other, and co-create solutions.

  • Inclusion ambassador program

    To cultivate an inclusive culture across the business and seed inclusive behaviors, we established a cadre of volunteers from across the organization to become official inclusion ambassadors.

  • Inclusion boot camp

    Inclusion council members and all inclusion ambassadors will attend an intensive inclusion boot camp in late summer where they will establish a framework for dialogue among colleagues that fosters communication on a wide range of inclusion-related topics.

  • Input surveys

    We will be reaching out to team members to find out what’s going well and what’s not. We’ll be soliciting honest feedback and new ideas.

  • Regular sentiment surveys

    We will start regular surveys to see how team members are doing in general and where the organization can improve.

  • Extra funding for Employee Resource Groups

    We’ve secured the funds and are working on the strategy to distribute them.

  • Recruitment support

    We’ve secured funding to enable our recruitment team to hire supplemental support to proactively seek out diverse talent for our open positions starting in 2021; we’re working with our recruitment team on implementation in 2020.

  • More diverse leadership

    While we now have three women on our senior management team, there is still only one person of color. Our leadership has committed to bringing progress to all levels of the organization. We need people with different perspectives driving our decisions at the top; we realize that representation matters.

Change starts from within

We have a collective goal to drive meaningful transformation at Audi of America. We recognize we have a long way to go and we have begun this important journey. We have leadership support. We have passionate team members. We have resources behind us. And, most of all, we have the Audi challenger spirit.

Change starts here and now.