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About Danielle Black Lyons

Danielle Black Lyons is a natural-born environmentalist, wife, mother, dual citizen, and co-founder of Textured Waves, a collective aimed at promoting diversity in surfing. Textured Waves works to normalize Black and Brown women in the surf space and create content that celebrates WOC surfers. Black Lyons sees her goal to highlight Black and Brown surfers as one that fits naturally with her passion for sustainability.

For Danielle, the sea is a source of connection, renewal and inspiration and one that she’s committed to preserving not only for her son but for the future generations of surfers.

Discover Danielle Black Lyons' places that inspire in San Diego.

An outdoor, mid-shot photo of Suzi Wilkenfeld and Justin Wilkenfeld, co-founders of San Diego-based business, KindHumans, a marketplace of planet-friendly products.
Suzi Wilkenfeld and Justin Wilkenfeld, Co-Founders of KindHumans.


KindHumans is a marketplace of ethically-made, planet-friendly products. Co-founders Suzi and Justin Wilkenfeld wanted to set a good example for their children by fostering a community of kindness, and making it easy for customers to consume responsibly. In the online marketplace, shoppers can filter products by unique specifications, from “women-owned brands” to creators classified as “rebels of kindness” and a portion of every sale is donated to an important cause of the customer’s choosing, from causes that support kids, the planet or humanitarian aid.

Suzi Wilkenfeld and Justin Wilkenfeld, Co-Founders of KindHumans.
An indoor, close-up photo of Marissa Figueroa—owner of San Diego-based business, Sonora Refillery, which offers plastic-free home and bath products—in her office.
Marissa Figueroa, Owner of Sonora Refillery.

Sonora Refillery

1012 South Coast Highway, Suite A, Oceanside, CA 92054

Sonora Refillery in Oceanside offers plastic free alternatives to bath, body and home products. In addition to the non-toxic base products, customers can also refill current containers with new products, eliminating the need to buy single-use containers, and even customize some of the base products with food-grade essential oils, organic dried flowers, or precious stones.

Marissa Figueroa, Owner of Sonora Refillery.
An indoor, close-up photo of Jessica and Davin Waite—co-founders of the San Diego-based business, The Plot, a plant-based eatery—standing in their restaurant.
Jessica Waite and Davin Waite, Co-Founders of The Plot.

The Plot

1733 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054

The Plot is a plant-based eatery in Oceanside, established with eco-friendly goals in mind: create the first zero-waste dining experience in the area, and become a regenerative business that helps repair the environment. Co-founders Jessica and Davin Waite's commitment to sustainability is as important as the nuanced flavors of The Plot's plant-based cuisine.

Jessica Waite and Davin Waite, Co-Founders of The Plot.


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