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Keys to San Francisco

The Bay Area is synonymous with big tech, often recognized as a hub of innovation. San Francisco and its surrounding communities are also breaking ground in more sustainable living, serving as home to an emerging new crop of designers, culinary leaders, activists and business owners. Join our curators and eco-entrepreneurs as they share the local people and spaces that inspire their Keys to San Francisco.

San Francisco Curators

Portrait of April Gargiulo.

April Gargiulo

Founder of Vintner's Daughter

April Gargiulo is the founder of Vintner’s Daughter, a nutritional skincare brand that delivers multi-correctional performance, and universal efficacy with fewer, plant-based ingredients. Gargiulo believes in using quality ingredients and maintaining uncompromising standards, and likens the creation of her Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum to her family’s history in fine winemaking. Discover April Gargiulo’s places that inspire in San Francisco, including:

  • Andy Goldsworthy's Wood Line Preserved
  • Land's End Hike
  • Metier
  • Valley Bar and Bottle
  • Wholesome Bakery
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Portrait of Eileen Mockus.

Eileen Mockus

CEO of Coyuchi

Eileen Mockus is the president and CEO of Coyuchi, a leader in sustainable home textiles and the first to bring organic cotton linens to the market nearly 30 years ago. Mockus has been passionate about textiles as long as she can remember. A veteran of the industry, she’s worked at numerous top-tier companies, focusing on fabric development, materials testing, product development, and sourcing, but was driven to move in a more sustainably-focused direction by her own commitment to the planet. Discover Eileen Mockus’ places that inspire in San Francisco, including:

  • Crissy Field
  • Fireclay Tile
  • Gracias Madre
  • ReLove
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Portrait of Mariah Nielson and Fanny Singer.

Mariah Nielson and Fanny Singer

Co-founders of Permanent Collection

Mariah Nielson and Fanny Singer are the co-founders of Permanent Collection, which offers clothing, home goods, and design objects that are classic and sustainable. Nielson and Singer grew up in California but met by chance in London while studying design and art history. They began Permanent Collection by selecting a group of historical designs they felt were elegant, minimal and versatile: the types of pieces they believed could become the staples of anyone's personal “permanent collection.” Discover Mariah Nielson and Fanny Singer’s places that inspire in San Francisco, including:

  • Alkali Rye
  • Arborica
  • Chez Panisse
  • Health Ceramics
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Portrait of Melanie Abrantes.

Melanie Abrantes

Designer and Maker

Melanie Abrantes is a Bay-Area designer and maker, who specializes in handcrafted cork and wood products. Her works are not only sustainable, but a nod to her Filipina and Portuguese-Brazilian heritage. Working with a variety of unique materials, Melanie strives to create products of the highest quality that are equally beautiful and functional. Her passion originates from the simple fact that every piece is an unique as the material it is made from. Discover Melanie Abrantes’ places that inspire in San Francisco, including:

  • Abacus Row
  • Melissa Joy Manning
  • Preserved
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