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About Ron Finley

Ron Finley was in elementary school he bore witness to a small event that would change his life. Watching a seed grow from a petri dish into a plant for the first time, Ron started a journey towards “regeneration”—his process of living in tune with nature.

Ron has a common goal running through all his work—from the gardens he cultivates in Los Angeles, to the children he educates in eco-literacy, to the corporations he coaches on sustainable regenerative practices. His mission is both complex and simple: he wants to make the air more breathable in the world.

Finley encourages people to practice biomimicry and gain inspiration from the forest. “The forest doesn’t use pesticides,” says Finley, providing insight into his own inspiration. “A leaf falls for a reason in particular season. It’s by design; it becomes soil.”

His lifelong desire is to see the communities he interacts with not only mimic the organic processes of the planet, but become self-sufficient in pragmatic ways: by sewing their own clothes, or growing their own food.

“Start with a seed and put it in the ground. Let’s show people what real value is. This is about freedom. This is about humanity,” says Finley of his life’s work and ongoing environmental education efforts.

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Portrait of David Wilcox.
David Wilcox, Founder of Hail Mary Pizza

Hail Mary Pizza

3219 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Hail Mary Pizza offers creative and delicious pizzas, salads, sandwiches and more. The restaurant maintains a direct relationship with local producers and small farmers to better understand how their ingredients were grown, raised, and harvested. Hail Mary uses organic whole wheat and grains, and wild yeast to create their dough daily.

David Wilcox, Founder of Hail Mary Pizza
Close-up of the food served at Hot + Cool Café.
Vegan BBQ Chicken and Kale Wrap at Hot + Cool Café

Hot + Cool Café

4331 Degnan Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Hot + Cool Café is a Black-owned, family-operated, and vegan coffee shop that provides access to convenient, healthy vegan eats and specialty coffee to individuals in their communities. The original Leimert Park Village location is no coincidence; the shop was established there because it’s historically known as a food desert. Hot + Cool Café’s mission is to help ensure that South Central communities have access to Black-centered arts and culture and delicious, plant based foods.

Vegan BBQ Chicken and Kale Wrap at Hot + Cool Café
Inside Sage Plant Based Bistro.
Interior of Sage Plant Based Bistro

Sage Plant Based Bistro

1700 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Sage Plant Based Bistro offers healthy, organic food options and many plant-based options. The fare is made with produce that comes from local farmers who are committed to practicing organic and pesticide-free farming, as well as regenerative agriculture, which can increase biodiversity, enriches soil, improves watersheds, and is all-around good for the ecosystem. Produce is delivered daily so menu items are always fresh and evolving.

Interior of Sage Plant Based Bistro


Close-up of the pizza served at Hail Mary Pizza.

Fresh pizza at Hail Mary Pizza

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