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Keys to Los Angeles

Los Angeles has almost four million people living within its sun-soaked borders. Many of its citizens share a common goal: make LA a sustainability leader. Join our curators and eco-entrepreneurs as they share the local people and spaces that inspire their Keys to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Curators

Portrait of Amanda Chantal Bacon.

Amanda Chantal Bacon

Founder and CEO of Moon Juice

Amanda is the founder and CEO of Moon Juice, a beauty and wellness brand that specializes in food, supplements, and skin-care products aimed at consumers looking to explore health and wellness. Her championing of reusable packaging, organic American farming, and sustainable ingredients ensure her business practices are parallel with her personal principles. Between her popular café offerings to her expansive beauty industry prowess, Amanda remains focused on addressing the unmet health needs of her community. Discover Amanda Chantal Bacon's places that inspire in LA, including:

  • The Well Refill
  • re_grocery
  • Outerknown
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Portrait of Mike Hammer & Yasmine Marrero.

Industry of All Nations

Sustainable Fashion Brand
Mike Hammer (Operations Manager) & Yasmine Marrero (Store Manager)

When the Gersovich brothers moved from Argentina to Los Angeles, their work became their life calling and the mission behind Industry of All Nations: thoughtfully designed products that put a premium on transparency at every step of their supply chain. Founded as a fashion wholesaler over a decade ago, Industry of All Nations collaborates with makers across Guatemala, India, Bolivia, Mexico, Indonesia, Ethiopia and beyond—prioritizing indigenous economic consideration every step of the way. Discover Industry of All Nations' places that inspire in LA, including:

  • R[eco]ntained
  • Dudley Market Venice
  • Compton Community Garden
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Portrait of Ron Finley.

Ron Finley

Founder of The Ron Finley Project & “Gangsta Gardener”

Ron is the CEO and founder of The Ron Finley Project, an organization dedicated to changing the composition of the soil in underserved neighborhoods around the world. As a gardener, artist, educator, designer, activist and father, it’s his mission to educate and foster a reverence and respect for soil as a means to heal the community because once you start to heal the soil, you inadvertently make the air more breathable. As Ron says, “if you heal your mother, you heal yourself.” Discover Ron Finley's places that inspire in LA, including:

  • Hail Mary Pizza
  • Hot + Cool Café
  • Sage Plant Based Bistro
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Portrait of Sami Miro.

Sami Miro

Founder of Sami Miró Vintage

Sami is a conscious designer and founder of Sami Miro Vintage, her eponymous fashion label that specializes in limited run collections made exclusively with vintage and upcycled materials. She makes it her mission to create clothing that helps people express their true selves in a way that is more environmentally-responsible, prioritizing sustainability with offerings produced locally in Los Angeles and aimed at keeping a small carbon footprint. Discover Sami Miro's places that inspire in LA, including:

  • Beverly Hills Juice
  • Café Gratitude
  • Sustain LA
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