It's an information portal, a parking spot locator, a traffic helicopter, a personal assistant, a music hall, a communication center, a dedicated listener, and a meteorologist. Your world, Audi connect®.1

This is you in chargeAudi connect® is your resource when you're on the go

Audi connect® is your onboard source for information about traffic, weather, directions and more, featuring Google Earth™ satellite imagery, Google Voice™ local search, social media integration and a secure, high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices.1

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Wi-Fi® hotspot

Turn your Audi into a secure high-speed mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices so passengers can surf the web, VPN to work, listen to Internet radio streams or watch YouTube.® 

Navigation with Google Earth®

Audi connect® integrates Google Earth® into an easily comprehensible navigation system featuring high resolution, 3-D terrain and aerial images of your routes, with a more realistic landscape view.

Google Voice ™ Local Search

Google Voice™ interprets voice requests and displays an up-to-date list of points-of-interest. The search engine accepts free text queries such as “delicatessen”, or even “spicy chicken.” Images, user reviews, and more can also be displayed if available.

myAudi destinations

Use Google Maps in any browser to send your favorite destinations directly from your computer or web-enabled mobile device to your myAudi account, accessed from the MMI.


Access static and real-time data about parking locations, pricing, and availability to find parking near your preferred location and navigate to the parking garage entrance.


Select any location to view the current weather and a three-day weather forecast, and enjoy morning, noon and evening predictions as part of the daily forecast. A weather information screen also provides a precipitation radar.

Audi MMI® connect App

The Audi MMI® connect App enhances the Online and Picture Destinations features of myAudi, adds CarFinder, and provides access to more than 7,000 web radio stations.

Picture navigation

Program a destination by selecting a picture on the MMI®. Pictures uploaded to the vehicle are displayed in a carousel, and the system uses geo-coordinates embedded in the picture to program the destination.


Stay connected to social media with pre-programmed updates that you can define, and a system that reads out updates.


Service plansNew vehicles equipped with Audi connect® come with a complimentary six-month trial period

All features of Audi connect® are available with connectivity provided through a service partner. Connectivity for the 2015 A3 Sedan is provided by AT&T. Connectivity for all other models equipped with Audi connect® is provided by T-Mobile, including the A4, A5, allroad, A6, A7, A8, Q5, and Q7. New vehicles equipped with Audi connect ® come with a complimentary six-month trial period.  


Service Term Data Limit Retail Price
1 month
1 GB $20/month
6 months 5 GB $99
30 months 30 GB $499
Mobile Share
Shared mobile plan $10/month


Service Term Data Limit Retail Price
Monthly - $25
12 months - $199
30 months - $450


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Important information about Audi connect®, including the privacy statement for in-car services.

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