How to set up Plug&Charge

1 Set up Key User in your myAudi app. You can complete this step at your Audi dealer at the time of your e-tron® EV purchase or anytime via the myAudi app. To become a Key User, open the myAudi app and follow the set-up assistant guide.

2 Unlock Electrify America credits. You may have already completed this step at your Audi dealer. If not, find "Electrify America" in the myAudi app and select "Start charger", which will unlock your credits. You do not need to be at a charging station to complete this step.

3 MMI® setting. Start your Audi e-tron EV while you are in your vehicle and access the MMI display. Select "Vehicle" from the home screen, then select "Charging". Select "Settings" in the upper right corner, and from here, toggle "Plug&Charge" to the "on" position.

4 Begin charging. You are ready to start using Plug&Charge. Charging sessions begin once your Audi e-tron EV is plugged in. You no longer need the myAudi app to begin a session.