Charging terms

(1)  What is a kW? Charging power is measured using kilowatts (kW), the rate at which energy is being generated (charging) or consumed (driving). Generally, the higher the number, the faster the charge. The onboard charger on your Audi e-tron EV (electric vehicle) will dictate how many kilowatts can be used for charging. The Audi e-tron, for example, has a 95 kWh battery and can charge up to 150 kW at a DC charging station.

(2)  What is kWh? Battery capacity is measured in kWh, or kilowatt hours, versus litres (as it is in a conventional gas tank). A kWh is essentially the amount of energy available or total energy capacity.

(3)  How do kW & kWh work? Imagine that power (kW) is like your speedometer, while energy (kWh) is like your odometer. The speedometer tells you how fast you’re going (how much power you are using), while the odometer tells you how far you've gone (how much energy you've used total).