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Keys to Miami

With its endless sunshine, sparkling waterways, lush parks and stunning beaches, Miami is the perfect backdrop for businesses who keep sustainability in mind. Entrepreneurs and consumers alike are shaping the diverse tapestry of experiences Miami has to offer.

Join our curators and eco-entrepreneurs as they share the local people and spaces that inspire their Keys to Miami.

Miami Curators

Inés Vieira, founder and director of Norte Women, inside her clothes studio.

Inés Vieira

Founder and Director of Norte Women

Inés Vieira is the founder and director of Norte Women, a fashion brand that prides itself on its use of natural fabric. Norte Women’s designs are described as versatile and timeless, which is key for Vieira, who strives to do her part to keep the planet healthy and thriving for future generations.

Discover Inés Vieira’s places that inspire in Miami, including:

  • Krüs Kitchen
  • Little River Cooperative
  • Under the Mango Tree
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Karla Dascal, founder of Sacred Space Miami, standing in front of a black Audi e-tron.

Karla Dascal

Founder of Sacred Space Miami

Karla Dascal is the founder of Sacred Space Miami, a holistic wellness destination. The space allows seekers from around the world to evolve and grow in mind, body, spirit and soul. It is both a sanctuary and supportive community, cultivating conscious living, all inspired by Karla’s own personal wellness journey.

Discover Karla Dascal’s places that inspire in Miami, including:

  • Love Life Café
  • Radiate Miami
  • South Pointe Park
  • Urban Oasis Project
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Paloma Teppa, founder of Plant the Future, standing inside an indoor garden.

Paloma Teppa

Founder of Plant the Future

Paloma Teppa is the mind behind Plant the Future, a biophilic design firm and botanical art gallery that prides itself on bringing people closer to nature through art and design. Founded in 2008, Plant the Future came to life when Paloma saw a need to bring the beauty and benefits of plants to customers. Her goal is to celebrate nature not only with her designs and products, but also with her sustainability efforts.

Discover Paloma Teppa’s places that inspire in Miami, including:

  • Mima Market
  • osom brand
  • The Plantisserie
  • Virigina Key Beach
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Sophie Zembra, founder of ANTIDOTE, standing outdoors with her hand rested on a black Audi e-tron.

Sophie Zembra

Founder of ANTIDOTE

French-born designer Sophie Zembra is the founder of the sustainably-minded clothing boutique, ANTIDOTE. As part of her work to amplify the principles of conscious fashion, she initiated the Smart Fashion Week in Paris. Through this, she shares her mission throughout the world by personally meeting with designers and visiting factories, fashion schools and organizations alike.

Discover Sophie Zembra’s places that inspire in Miami, including:

  • 1 Hotel Bamford Wellness Spa
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanial Garden
  • Frangipani
  • Pura Vida
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