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About Inés Vieira

Inés Vieira knows the fashion world inside and out, having worked in marketing and for a large fast fashion brand in the past. But her experiences left her feeling uninspired. She didn’t like the way things were made, the materials that were used, and the amount of resulting waste.

Inés asked how she could use her love of fashion to improve the planet, and Norte Women was born. The Spanish-born designer launched the brand in 2018 and hasn’t looked back, sourcing naturally occurring fabrics, producing small runs to ensure every item will be considered conscientiously, and using packaging that incorporates recycled and recyclable content.

She also visits the factories that produce Norte Women because for Inés, sustainability is as much about fostering positive relationships with everyone the brand touches as it is about maintaining the planet.

Discover Inés Vieira's places that inspire Miami.

Stairs inside the Krüs Kitchen showing both the kitchen and lounge with a sign that reads
Interior of Krüs Kitchen

Krüs Kitchen

3413 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133

Krüs Kitchen provides seasonal food with consciously curated ingredients to the Miami community. With a focus on fostering real relationships with farmers and vendors, the high-vibe end result serves above all else, as an open-ended invitation for Miami to reach in and become a part of the Krüs community.

Interior of Krüs Kitchen
A person walking into a plant nursery.
Little River Cooperative's edible plant nursery in Redland, Florida

Little River Cooperative

22305 SW 157th Avenue, Redland, FL 33170

The Little River Cooperative is an urban farm and plant nursery working to grow food and feed neighbors throughout central Miami. Featuring an edible plant nursery on its property, Little River also installs and tends to private gardens throughout the city and offers educational workshops to empower its customers to learn how to grow food in an urban environment.

Little River Cooperative's edible plant nursery in Redland, Florida
Teresa Paramo, founder of NAPAANI ORGANIC, leaning against a clothing rack.
Teresa Paramo, Founder and Owner of NAPAANI ORGANIC


6427 SW 18th Terrace, Miami, FL 33155

NAPAANI ORGANIC was born from the dream of a mom and a grandma to create a new children's fashion brand that reflects a natural way of life. NAPAANI utilizes natural and organic textiles, made of plants and free from pesticides. With relaxed, comfortable and beautiful pieces, NAPAANI is designed for the playful and adventurous child, who lives in contact and is respectful with nature.

Teresa Paramo, Founder and Owner of NAPAANI ORGANIC
A view of the patio of the juice bar and cafe, Under the Mango Tree.
Exterior of Under the Mango Tree

Under the Mango Tree

737 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Under the Mango Tree in Miami Beach is a local spot serving smoothies, juice, sandwiches, acai bowls and organic fruits. The juice bar supports the Miami market by buying organic produce, and uses eco-conscious, biodegradable packaging. The cafe also works with organizations to host beach clean-ups and distributes its compost to local Miami gardeners.

Exterior of Under the Mango Tree


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