Audi RS5 Coupe beauty exterior


Performance has evolved and been engineered for the driver. It was born on the racetrack and tuned for the open road. Every ounce of innovation is designed to make each moment in an Audi performance model more epic than the last.


Audi RS5 Coupe beauty exterior

Performance, evolvedRacetrack or proving ground?

The racetrack isn't just a place where our drivers win trophies. It's our lab. Everything scrutinized, pushed beyond the limits and proven to reach new heights. That said, the trophies are pretty nice, too.

Audi R8Follow no one.

Get behind the wheel of an Audi R8 and you’ll soon understand these supercars are made without compromise. Let the pack gaze enviously as you roar past in a performance machine that was born on the track and engineered for the street.*

Audi RSLap the ordinary.

One tap of the accelerator is all it takes to put distance between you and ordinary sports cars. That's because Audi RS models have been developed and designed using technology pioneered on the racetrack by professional drivers.

Audi SHeighten every moment.

The Audi S performance model lineup is everything its progressive looks suggest. With powerful engines, lightning-fast-shifting transmissions and Audi quattro® all-wheel drive, these race-caliber machines will add suspense to every moment of your drive.*


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Audi Sport

Take a look at how Audi racing history extends from the racetrack to roadways.

Models of note

S4Starting at $48,400
RS 5 CoupeStarting at $70,900
R8Starting at $115,900

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*Always obey local speed and traffic laws.