Performance art

The R8 blurs the lines between art and performance with exotic styling and the handling performance to match. With the choice of three potent engines, it excels at blurring your surroundings too.


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R8 Trims

Starting at $115,900

Available Engines
Key Features
  • 430 hp 4.2-liter FSI® V8 engine
  • Audi magnetic ride
  • Full LED headlights and LED taillights
  • Leather/Alcantara® seating surfaces
  • BLUETOOTH® wireless technology preparation for mobile phone

Lighting the way to better design

Sometimes a bright idea really does shine. Case in point, our iconic LED daytime running lights and LED headlights. While they were intended to help make you more visible to other drivers and provide unparalleled visibility at night, we thought they could also serve double duty as a beautiful styling statement. It’s just another way we’re lighting the way on design.

Cold weather conditions

When driving during cold, rainy, snowy or icy weather conditions, ensure that your vehicle is equipped with appropriate all-season or winter tires. Even with appropriate tires, you must always drive in a manner appropriate for the weather, visibility and road conditions.
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The heavyweight that's light on its feet

The R8 is a real performance heavyweight. Through the use of our ultra® lightweight technology and ASF® high strength aluminum construction, the R8 features advanced materials to create a body that is strong yet lightweight. And it’s how the R8 goes heavy on performance.

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Always ahead of the curve

An exotic supercar deserves a drivetrain to match. Luckily, the R8 comes equipped with our legendary quattro® all-wheel drive system. Specifically tailored to the high-performance demands of an exotic car, quattro® actively sends power to the wheels with the most grip, enhancing acceleration and cornering performance. It’s just another way the R8 keeps you ahead of the curve.


Meet the ultimate power broker

A true sports car gives you a powerful engine that stirs your soul. The R8 gives you three. A 430-hp FSI® V8 engine delivers an authentic super car experience, while a 525-hp FSI® V10 engine provides levels of acceleration you never thought possible. And our 550-hp FSI® engine doesn’t just give you bragging rights you can talk about – it gives you the kind you can actually show.


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