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    The battery is the power source for all of your vehicle’s components and features, and the alternator is what keeps it fully charged. Every time you drive your vehicle, the battery consumes large amounts of electrical power; at the same time, the alternator is working hard to replenish that loss of power back into the battery.

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    Control Modules

    Audi Genuine Control Modules are the epicenter of your vehicle, and monitor and synchronize many of its components, including the engine and transmission. And if they fail, you’ll notice erratic engine behavior such as a loss in power, hesitation and misfires.

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    Flooded Lead-Calcium Battery

    With the hundreds of electrical components that make up your Audi vehicle, having a reliable power source to keep them functioning perfectly is a necessity. Audi Genuine Batteries are designed to be long-lasting and provide outstanding cranking power to confidently get your Audi started.

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    Ignition Coils

    The ignition coil converts battery power (12V) into thousands of volts that are required to create the spark plug’s electrical charge. When fired, this spark ignites the engine’s air and fuel mixture generating power.

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    Oxygen Sensors

    A simple yet crucial component, the oxygen sensor monitors exhaust levels that, if bad, can affect fuel economy and ignition timing, in turn, causing a rough idle, poor fuel efficiency and fouled spark plugs.

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    Start-Stop Battery

    Start-stop batteries deliver a large burst of power as needed to restart your vehicle’s engine, if equipped with a start-stop ignition system, which helps to conserve fuel by automatically switching off the engine every time the vehicle comes to a stop.

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    You’re not going anywhere if your vehicle won’t start. The starter is what brings your engine to come to life. So imagine how much work this crucial component puts into a lifetime of startups.

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