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Driving to a more sustainable future.

Our path.

Audi has a clear vision for the future: to reduce CO2 emissions and become carbon-neutral in balance as a company by 2050. To get there, we’re letting go of the things holding us back and reimagining how we bring our vehicles to the road—from the supply chain, to the emissions at our production plants, to the design of our models’ entire life cycle.

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    The Destination

    Our commitment to electrification is robust and comprehensive, starting with a goal that one third of the new U.S. model lineup will be electrified by 2025.

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    The Journey

    Our Brussels plant has been certified carbon neutral, and we aim for all global production facilities globally to be the same within 5 years.

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    The Start

    Reducing CO2 emissions is an important start for us. We aim to reduce our carbon output by 30 percent in six years through measures such as our commitment to electrification and factory improvements.

e-tron® Sportback

The e-tron® Sportback

The latest addition to the growing Audi electric portfolio, the e-tron® Sportback combines the functionality of a spacious SUV with the elegance of a four-door coupe, all with the underpinnings of the most progressive brand in electrified mobility.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.

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It’s time to plug in and turn on.

Our electric reality is one where design, performance and innovation plug into elevated versatility and DC fast-charging capabilities at commercial charging stations. We take electric vehicles and give them Audi DNA to turn the world on to a limitless EV future.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.
e-tron Sportback

A bold vision for the future.

Our commitment to electrification is robust and comprehensive, starting with a goal that one third of all new Audi models will be electrified by 2025.

e-tron family

Fast-charging benchmark.

A core principle guiding the design of our electric vehicles is to ensure sufficient day-to-day capability without sacrificing performance. That’s why we’re pioneering charging technology that allows Audi e-tron® models to charge at speeds of up to 150 kW at high-speed public chargers, with future models anticipated to be able to reach charging speeds of up to 270 kW.

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e-tron charging in driveway

Always charged.

Audi e-tron® technology is designed to help simplify your life with convenient home charging solutions so you can be more prepared for your daily commute. On the road, an expansive fast-charging network can help keep your vehicle charged.

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    Charge from home

    Easy to install and seamlessly connected, our in-home charging solutions allow you to wake up to a freshly charged vehicle.

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    Charge on the go

    Extend your range and your expectations of where an electric vehicle can take you with a growing national network of public chargers.

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Our most connected vehicles yet.

The Audi e-tron® is more than just an automobile. It’s an advanced technology platform designed to help you stay connected at every point in your journey, offering features from Amazon Alexa™ integration to sophisticated driver assistance systems.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.
interior of the e-tron Sportback

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    Remote access.

    Easily monitor and manage your e-tron with the myAudi app.

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    Drive confidently.

    Next-generation driver assistance systems help pave the way towards an autonomous future.

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Today, the e-tron®.
Tomorrow, the Aicon.

Our vision for electric vehicles goes beyond the e-tron vehicles of today and into a world where artificial intelligence powers innovative mobility technologies, creating an entirely new driving experience in the process. The Audi Aicon concept brings this vision to life, building on e-tron technology with various sensor systems, AI and machine learning to engineer a vehicle that can safely navigate the roads without the need for driver input while ensuring a comfortable, connected environment for its passengers.

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale.
Aicon concept vehicle

Welcome to an electric future.

A new era of electric has begun. From the all-electric e-tron SUV to the e-tron GT concept and PB18 concept sportscar, a thrilling future of driving awaits. See what happens when electric goes Audi.

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale.
Audi Aicon
Audi e-tron® SUV

Audi e-tron® SUV

The Audi e-tron® offers the promise of electric mobility, while delivering the kind of driving experience that can only come from Audi—now available for purchase.

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e-tron® Sportback

e-tron® Sportback

Changing the shape, and feel, of electricity.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.

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e-tron® GT concept

e-tron® GT concept

With classic Gran Turismo proportions and thrilling Audi Sport DNA, this all-electric sportscar concept is designed to power a new future of performance driving.

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale.

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    Discover how the Audi e-tron® is so quiet.

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    An unmistakable work of light.

    Learn how Audi turned light into art.

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    High-minded interior.
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Want to know more?

The e-tron® concept vehicles represent a bold new world. Learn more about range, performance and more.

When will the all-new Audi e-tron Sportback be available?
Summer, 2020.
How can I charge my Audi e-tron on the road?
The e-tron vehicles are being designed to offer long-range capability, making long distance trips possible on a single charge. The Audi e-tron will be able to utilize any public charging station with a Combined Charging System (CCS) Charger, including those in a nationwide fast charging network provided by Electrify America.
How can I charge my Audi e-tron at home?
Audi is collaborating with Amazon to make your e-tron home charging station setup as simple as shopping on Amazon. This includes the installation of a 240 volt charging system in your garage so you can recharge the e-tron SUV battery in about 9 hours. As with all Amazon Home Services, this charging installation is backed by Amazon's Happiness Guarantee.
What tax incentives will be available for the Audi e-tron?
An individual who purchases an Audi e-tron may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Additional state incentives may also be available. To find more information on what incentive may be available in your area, visit
How do I use my 1,000 kWh of energy credits at Electrify America locations?
To use your energy credits, you must first unlock them by setting yourself as the Key User of your vehicle and complete the following steps using the myAudi app:

1. Log into the myAudi app and select “Start Electrify America charger”. If the link is inactive, please contact your nearest Audi dealer to become the Key User for your vehicle.

2. On the following screen, select “Unlock charging credits”.

3. On the next screen, input your mobile phone, agree to receive text messages and agree to terms and conditions.

4. Select “Submit” to unlock your energy credits.
Where can I find emergency response information for Audi's electric vehicles?
As part of the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training program, Audi is working with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to help prepare the nation's fire service and other first responders for the growing number of alternative fuel vehicles on the road.

Downloadable emergency response guides can be found here:


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