Can less be more? Audi ultra lightweight technology uses advanced material and construction methods that allow our cars to be lighter. Lightweight design means the minimum material in the right place for the best performance. Proof that less is definitely more.


This is beauty—and brawnLighter is faster. And smarter.

A guiding philosophy behind Audi ultra lightweight technology is to reduce weight to increase performance. Both Audi ASF® aluminum construction and aluminum hybrid construction exemplify this by increasing structural strength, while reducing mass. Applying this principle throughout all our vehicles ultimately gives rise to superior agility, acceleration and increased efficiency—a solid philosophy to get behind.


Audi lightweight centre
Audi Lightweight Center in Neckarsulm

Visit the center where Audi ultra lightweight technologies are developed.

Audi RS Moments of Truth: Audi ultra
Audi RS Moments of Truth: Audi ultra

Audi ultra contributed to the victory of Audi AG in the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Audi A8 ASF
Audi A8 ASF® – Aluminum Construction

See how ASF® helps give the A8 its nimble and rigid construction.

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