Discover more to love about Audi

To keep the excitement going after you take delivery, we invite you to partake in a guided or self-guided3European Delivery
The Neckarsulm Audi Forum offers only self-guided delivery and factory tours. When you arrive in Neckarsulm, your Audi customer advisor will assist you in mapping out your delivery day and tour.
tour of our world-famous museum. Here you will gain in-depth knowledge of what really makes up the Audi philosophy, view and heritage (please note, all factory tours are subject to availability). In addition, you will be our guest for the entire day, enjoying complimentary food, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks at the Audi Forum's market restaurant.


Say goodbye, say hello

At the conclusion of your travels, drop off your vehicle at one of the 17 European drop-off locations. You will be reunited with your Audi when it reaches the U.S., approximately 11 to 13 weeks after you dropped it off. Your local Audi dealer will contact you when it is ready to be picked up.




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