Key Protection


Rarely lose a beat if you lose your keys.

Your Audi key is highly sophisticated and contains advanced technology. Unfortunately, it can cost hundreds of dollars to replace a lost or damaged set and have them reprogrammed for your vehicle. That’s why we offer Key Protection. If your Audi key is lost, stolen, damaged, or locked inside your vehicle, Audi Key Protection has you covered. And since your house key is on the same key ring, we’ll also send a locksmith to help let you in your house.

Key Protection benefits:

  • Reimbursement for one (1) replacement key/remote if the covered vehicle key/remote is lost, damaged, or stolen, up to $800 per occurrence
  • Lock-out assistance to unlock the covered vehicle if your vehicle keys are lost, damaged, or stolen, up to $100 per occurrence
  • Transferable for a $50 fee if you sell your vehicle to a private party
  • Cancelable at any time; after 30 days, pro rata refund will be provided and $50 fee will apply¹⁹

Service beyond your car:

  • If the covered vehicle key/remote is misplaced or locked in the covered vehicle, or if the covered vehicle key/remote or transponder will not work, towing assistance will be provided to the nearest registered service facility, up to $100 per occurrence
  • Taxi/rental vehicle/public transportation reimbursement, up to $75 per occurrence
  • Home Lock-Out Assistance benefit includes²⁹:
  • Locksmith services up to $100 per occurrence
  • Coverage for up to three (3) replacement house keys during the membership term, up to $75 per replacement key
  • Reimbursement for replacement of non-programmable keys that are lost or damaged in addition to the covered vehicle key/remote, such as RV/Travel Trailer keys and office keys, up to $250 per replacement
  • Emergency message relay assistance for up to three (3) emergency contacts

Additional benefit:

  • No mileage limitations


  • Replacement keys, if you did not receive two (2) master keys at the time of purchase/lease of the vehicle
  • Replacement keys, if the damaged keys are covered by the manufacturer’s repairer’s or suppliers warranty or recall
  • Any replacement keys made without prior authorization
Key Protection may not be available in all states. Please see your Dealer for more information. Contact your participating Dealer to request additional information about the Audi Pure Protection Program.

Disclaimer and Provider Information

Disclaimer: All transactions related to the optional Audi Pure Protection program are governed solely by the provisions of the applicable agreement. This page and its contents provide general information about the Audi Pure Protection program and should not be solely relied upon when purchasing coverage. Please refer to the applicable Audi Pure Protection program agreement for details of terms, conditions, and specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions, transferability, and cancelability. Coverage may vary by state. Not all vehicle models may be eligible for coverage. Please see your Dealer for more information. This product is not required for you to obtain financing for the purchase or lease of a vehicle.

Administrator: The Administrator/Provider of Key Protection included in the Audi Pure Protection program is SafeRide Motor Club, Inc., 13901 Midway Road, Suite 102-429, Dallas, TX 75244-4388, 1 (888) 714-1754.

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Please consult your Agreement for complete cancelation rules, including state-specific cancelation rules.
Home Lock-out Assistance may not be available in all states.