Answers to your electric questions.

Expand the questions below to find answers to the most common questions about electric driving, charging, batteries, and more. If you cannot find your answer below, please contact your local Audi dealer.

How can I charge my Audi e-tron® on the road?
The Audi e-tron® can utilize any public charging station with a Combined Charging System (CCS) Charger, including those in a nationwide fast charging network provided by Electrify America.
What tax incentives will be available for the Audi e-tron®?
An individual who purchases an Audi e-tron may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Additional state and local incentives may also be available. To find more information on what incentive may be available in your area, visit
How do I use my complimentary charging credits at Electrify America locations?
To use your energy credits, you must first unlock them by setting yourself as the Key User of your vehicle and complete the following steps using the myAudi app:

1. Log into the myAudi app and select “Start Electrify America charger”. If the link is inactive, please contact your nearest Audi dealer to become the Key User for your vehicle.

2. On the following screen, select “Unlock charging credits”.

3. On the next screen, input your mobile phone, agree to receive text messages and agree to terms and conditions.

4. Select “Submit” to unlock your energy credits.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Electrify America customer support at 1-833-632-2778.
Where can I find emergency response information for Audi's electric vehicles?
In the case of on-road emergencies, please call 911.
As part of the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training program, Audi is working with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to help prepare the nation's fire service and other first responders for the growing number of alternative fuel vehicles on the road.

Downloadable emergency response guides can be found here: