First, ignore the rule book. For more than a hundred years, we've stared adversity in the face. When they said it can't be any lighter, we defied them. When they said it can't go faster, we proved them wrong. Whenever they said it couldn't be done, we simply did it. This is the undying spirit at our core. 

It’s more than just the moonAccelerating innovation and inspiration once again

Audi is taking part in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, a competition aimed at furthering the innovation and advancements of space exploration. The challenge? To design a rover for the lunar surface and send high definition images back to earth. But this is about more than just going to the moon. This is a mission about setting our sights on impossible goals and triumphing. Because the more we know what’s possible, the bigger we can dream, and the greater our future can be. This is a mission designed to show us what can happen when we choose the moon.

Shooting for the stars. Landing on the moonGet to know the team pioneering the rover

A core team of physicists, mathematicians, scientists, and space experts—known as the Part Time Scientists—are working together in Berlin to bring the mission to the moon to life.

Gravity, defiedDeveloping a flight path to the moon

Audi’s team of engineers and scientists has been hard at work determining the right flight path to send the Audi rover 384,000 kilometers from earth to the moon.

Audi — BeliefWinning against the odds.

Meet Leena Gade, the first female race engineer and an unstoppable force who helped Audi triumph in the most amazing the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Audi — It couldn't be doneNever accept no for an answer.

Despite the odds, the status quo, and the accepted theories, succeeding lives on. See a compilation of some of the moments that have come to define the Audi spirit.

Audi — PerfektionThe making of an Audi.

Extreme heat and cold, engineered leather to withstand damage, and chassis strength tests are just part of the battery of the merciless process that go into every Audi.

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