Everything in view, directly in front of the driver – the Audi virtual cockpit, a fully digital instrument cluster, is completely driver-focused. The 12.3-inch display depicts information in high resolution. Now available in the 2016 Audi TT and available next year on the 2017 Q7, A4 and R8.

Fast, reliable and fully digital

The virtual cockpit display differs depending on which option the driver selects. While in classic view mode, the circular instrument dials, i.e. the speedometer and rev counter, are more dominant, “infotainment mode” displays additional functions such as the navigation system, telephone, Audi connect and media more prominently. Read on.

When it comes to the user controls, joy of use plays an important role at Audi. The Audi virtual cockpit is introduced with a new, smart MMI control concept. This enables drivers to enter commands via the multifunction steering wheel – the “View” button for example allows drivers to switch display modes. Drivers can also access the functions of the Audi virtual cockpit via the completely redesigned MMI interface selector wheel.

Although the next generation of control and display components is based on familiar elements, it is however geared more closely to modern consumer electronics. Although the rotary controller is still the “main element,” the complexity of the control levels and steps has however been significantly reduced. The components of the new MMI are more compact and efficient than ever before. This is also reflected in the voice control functionality, which has taken a giant leap in the direction of a natural voice-operated control system.

User-friendliness is a particularly notable characteristic of the new MMI. Features include:

  • Drivers can use the rotary controller like a joystick. A gentle nudge to the left opens the function menu. Nudging it to the right opens context-sensitive options.
  • Reduced number of function buttons next to the rotary controller from four to two.
  • MMI Touch recognizes multi-touch gestures, so scrolling and zooming in lists and on maps are enabled. Learn more.

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