A5 Cabriolet Trims

Specs overview

Acceleration (0—60 mph)



Seating capacity

City mpg

Highway mpg

Combined mpg

  • Exterior and interior measurements
  • Engine, drivetrain, suspension
  • Body, steering, brakes
  • EPA estimates

Width with mirrors (in)

Front head room (in)

Rear head room (in)

Front leg room (in)

Rear leg room (in)

Displacement (cc) / Bore and stroke (mm)

Horsepower (@ rpm)

Torque (lb ft @ rpm)

Acceleration (0—60 mph)

Front suspension

Rear suspension

Turning diameter (ft.)

Front brakes (in)

Rear brakes (in)


2019 A5 Cabriolet Performance


2018 A5 Cabriolet Performance


2019 A5 Cabriolet Trims & specs


2018 A5 Cabriolet Trims & specs

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