Audi Sportscar Experience

Learn to harness the R8

The Audi R8 is the ultimate execution of Audi performance. Its mid-mounted engine with four-valve FSI® technology produces 430 hp, and accelerates the Audi R8 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. Put this machine to the test in the Audi sportscar experience R8 Exclusive programs.

The Audi R8 Introduction is the first, baseline skill-building course in a great series of comprehensive Audi high-performance driving programs unleashing all the capability found within the Audi R8. Using both the R8 and another aggressive Audi performance car, the RS 5, this 1-day course is composed of classroom instruction, dynamic car-control exercises and four 30-minute lapping sessions—ample time to become a confident R8 pilot. For those who want more, we invite you to take part in the next level, R8 Intermediate.

Price: $1,895

Following completion of the R8 Introduction, you're qualified for the Audi R8 Intermediate course. Stage two of the training series is designed to help you find the limit of this racing-bred machine. Basic car-control exercises are replaced with an autocross competition to help you practice vehicle rotation, trail braking and enhanced cornering techniques. Then it's back on the track for four R8 30-minute lapping sessions. This greater knowledge of Audi R8 capabilities gives you the opportunity to attack Sonoma Raceway at greater speeds and fine-tune your skills to push the limits of both car and track.

Price: $1,995

**Clients who purchase both the Audi R8 Introduction and Intermediate courses together, receive a special total price of $3495.

Graduates of the R8 Intermediate course are eligible to enroll in the pinnacle of the R8 training series, Audi R8 Advanced. This one-on-one coaching day is designed to help you master the Audi R8 and Sonoma Raceway. No more lead-follow. No more safety net. It's five open lapping sessions with your instructor riding right seat or trailing behind in his own vehicle. You. The Track. The Truth.

Price: $2,995

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